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Legal company "Alliance Ratushnyak and Partners" works in the legal market of Ukraine since 2005 during this time our clients become leading Ukrainian and foreign companies.

LC "Alliance Ratushnyak and Partners" provides a wide range of legal services to provide business results and stability for our clients. Our lawyers and attorneys have extensive experience in various areas of law, we represent our clients and protect their rights and interest in the courts and government agencies, as well as carry out daily maintenance of their current activities.

Legal services provided by our company meet the highest standards. Lawyers of «Alliance Ratushnyak and Partners» possess knowledge of Ukrainian and international law, legal and consulting services render the broad audience of the Ukrainian and foreign clients in branch of the corporate right, international trade, foreign investments, the real estate and taxes, protect and represent interests of clients in courts and arbitration.


  • Providing unique, high-quality legal services for business on a daily basis;
  • Help achieve the goals of their own clients while they are engaged in their own business;
  • Develop fair judicial practice;



We strive to be a leading law firm in the field of transport and manufacturing, to provide high quality legal services.



  • Customers;
  • Employees and contractors;
  • Ethics and respect for colleagues, partners, all people;
  • Respect for the laws, rights and legitimate interests of the Client;
  • The desire to be and work in a state governed by the rule of law;



We take care of customers while they are engaged in their own business.