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Getting from blueprint to grand opening involves a complex combination of resources and personnel. Investors, developers, and contractors face with many regulatory complications of Ukrainian legislation and contract risk-allocation challenges as well.

Need of reliable groundwork is obvious- no matter the scope of your project. Construction Contract developed according to the letter of law will secure your business against possible risks or unpredictable collisions and let you devote full attention to the technical side of building process.

Hand all the legal complexities of Construction Contracts to qualified lawyers with considerable experience in building companies’ legal support.

Legal associates of „ALLIANCE RATUSHNYAK AND PARTNERS” propose wide range of legal services concerning contractual relations of our Clients, including:

  • Preparation and development of projects of agreements and contracts;
  • Providing clients with materials for conducting negotiations;
  • Taking part in negotiation processes, give legal consultations on the questions of contractual law;
  • Giving legal opinion and recommendations about received offers and projects of contracts; advise on contract law and specific legislation;
  • Providing recommendations concerning alterations and amendments;
  • Provide legal support of maintaining construction contracts and control their proper implementation;
  • carrying out a claim work;

Experts of „ALLIANCE RATUSHNYAK AND PARTNERS” provide services in legal support of complex agreements in accordance with requirements of clients.