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Private Clients

We have extensive experience in advising and providing services to individuals.

Every day, everyone deals with a large number of legal issues: from the establishment of the company and ending with lawsuits, labor disputes. Thanks to our experience and knowledge. Legislation, we will be able to provide advice on further action, risks and possible investments.



  • Inheritance and issues of inheritance;
  • Taxation issues, disputes with tax and regulatory authorities;
  • Acquisition of real estate;
  • Real estate investments;
  • Non-real estate transactions;
  • Divorce division of property of spouses;
  • Road accident;
  • Disputes over the division of marital property;
  • Creating a business, creating companies, investing;
  • Refund of 1% of the pension fee at the first purchase of housing;
  • Disputes, court cases;
  • Labor disputes;
  • Employment permits;
  • Certificate of permanent / temporary residence in Ukraine.

We will be glad to see you among of our clients, please contact us.