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Transport law

Professional legal services for transport, forwarding, logistics companies, operators of customs terminals and warehouses, as well as their clients.

Alliance Ratushnyak & Partners Law Firm provides a wide range of transport law services. Our lawyers and attorneys advise and represent the interests of transport, forwarding and logistics companies during all types of transportation:

• Road transport (passengers, cargo);

• Water transportation (by sea, river);

• Air transportation;

• Transportation by rail;

• Mixed transportation.

• Transportation of special cargoes: dangerous, oversized cargoes, perishable cargoes.

In addition to transportation consulting, lawyers and attorneys of Alliance Ratushnyak & Partners provide consulting of:

• Transport insurance (cargo, liability, etc.);

• Forwarding activities (transport logistics);

• Loading and unloading works, packing, packing;

• Warehousing, storage (warehouse logistics);

Thanks to the experience and understanding of everyday problems from the inside, the lawyers of ALLIANCE RATUSHNYAK & PARTNERS Law Firm are able to support doing business in the field of transport and logistics at a high level.



• Consulting on transportation, taxation and customs clearance (transport consulting).

• Analysis, development, preparation of contracts in the field of transport and forwarding (contract work).

• Claims work: representation of interests in arbitration courts, international arbitrations, competent courts.

• Appeals against actions (inaction), decisions of state bodies in the field of transport and logistics.

• Settlement of issues with compensation for damages, payment of compensations, insurance indemnities.

• Advising on the legal aspects of the creation, organization and operation of freight forwarding companies, the company's own fleet.

• Legal support in obtaining licenses, permits, tenders.

• Insurance consulting.